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Rewarding Wishes
Send Delicious 1 kg Milky Million from Vizagfood on any special occasion to your Dear ones at Vizag ..
text_tax ₹1,150.00/-
Warmth Wishes
Send beautifully presented 1.5 kg Milky Million cake to your family, friends  and rel..
text_tax ₹1,770.00/-
Fathers Day
Send beautifully presented 1kg Chocolate Evasion cake to your family, friends  and re..
text_tax ₹1,550.00/-
Modest Wishes
Send beautifully presented 1 kg Butterscotch cake to your family, friends  and relati..
text_tax ₹1,350.00/-
Daddys Day
Send beautifully presented 1kg Milky Butterscotch to your family, friends  and relati..
text_tax ₹1,475.00/-
Send delicious Fresh Fruit Cake to your dear ones at vizag from vizagfood to your family & frien..
text_tax ₹1,350.00/-
Orange Roses
Bunch of 15 Orange Roses.Orange color is a cross between yellow and red color and where yellow roses..
text_tax ₹475.00/-
24 Red Roses Bouquet
Send Beautifully arranged 24 Red Rose flowers from vizagfood to your dear ones at Vizag / Visakhapat..
text_tax ₹1,250.00/-
Pink Carnations Bouquet
Send lovely Pink carnations bouquet to your beloved ones at Vizag from Vizagfood and make them feel ..
text_tax ₹875.00/-
Bunch of Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses are a traditional symbol of friendship. Yellow Roses are the perfect way to say thanks,..
text_tax ₹475.00/-
White Roses Bouquet
White Roses are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings. Their quiet beauty made ..
text_tax ₹1,250.00/-
24 Multicolour Roses Basket
By mixing Rose blooms of different colors purposefully, you can create a boquet of emotions.A random..
text_tax ₹1,350.00/-
Photo Fix Cofee Mug
Send excellent quality Photo Fix Cofee Mug to your dear ones, family, friends at Vizag / Visakh..
text_tax ₹450.00/-
Perfume - For Men
Perfumes can make great gift for Men always for any occasion. Send Police perfume for your friend..
text_tax ₹2,150.00/-
Laughing Buddha
The Laughing Buddha is one of the most popular symbols used by Feng Shui Consultants for enhansing t..
text_tax ₹890.00/-
Send an excellent branded Wallet  from Vizagfood to your Dear & Near ones at Visakhapa..
text_tax ₹2,050.00/-
Lucky Plant
Bamboo, believed to be a symbol of good fortune and success by Feng Shui followers. Lucky Bamboo Pla..
text_tax ₹890.00/-
Premium Dry Fruits - 500 Grams
Dried fruit is a fruit from which the majority of the original water content has been removed e..
text_tax ₹1,250.00/-
Brownie - 06 Pcs
Send Yummy Brownies to your beloved ones at visakhapatnam / vizag from vizagfood and make them enjoy..
text_tax ₹650.00/-
Tandoori Chicken - Half
Order online  hot, hearty & delicious Tandoori Chicken  @ . Enjoy th..
text_tax ₹260.00/-
Mutton Fry Biryani
Order online  hot, hearty & delicious  Natu Kodi Biryani @ . Enjoy t..
text_tax ₹340.00/-
Chicken Pizza
Order online  hot, hearty & delicious Chicken Pizza @ . Enjoy the great f..
text_tax ₹250.00/-
Veg Noodles
Order online  hot, hearty & delicious  Veg Noodles @ . Enjoy the gre..
text_tax ₹230.00/-
Vanilla Ice Cream
Delicious Ice Cream from Snow Dunes  The Pack Contains 1 Litre Vanilla Ice Cream  Se..
text_tax ₹300.00/-
Basket of Anar
Order Online Fresh Fruits to Vizag | Gift Anar Pomogranate to Visakhapatnam The Basket consists o..
text_tax ₹980.00/-
Delicious Mangoes
Send Excellent Quality Delicious Mangoes from Vizagfood to your Family & Relatives at Visakhapat..
text_tax ₹850.00/-
Kimia Dates
Health is Wealth!! Send Excellent Quality Delicious Kimia Dates from Vizagfood to your family &am..
text_tax ₹390.00/-
Basket of Apples
Send Fresh Apples to your family, friends and relatives at vizag from vizagfood on on any day a..
text_tax ₹950.00/-
Mixed Fruits
Health is Wealth!!! Send Excellent Quality Mixed Fruits from Vizagfood to your Family and Relativ..
text_tax ₹2,450.00/-
Basket of Shandon Pear
Order Online fresh Shandon Pear box to Vizag The Basket contains 12 Fresh delicious Shandon Pears..
text_tax ₹950.00/-
Bobbatlu is one of the Andhra's most Delicious Traditional Sweet. Bobbatlu is mainly prepared during..
text_tax ₹590.00/-
Boorelu is a Traditional Andhra Special Sweet prepared during Festivals. Boorelu is also called..
text_tax ₹680.00/-
Nuvvula Ariselu
Ariselu – very famous, traditional, delicious sweet of South India. Ariselu is prepared with Rice Fl..
text_tax ₹760.00/-
Milk Mysore Pak
Milk Mysore Pak - Very Tasty Karnataka recipe named after Mysore. Prepared with Milk Powder, Sugar a..
text_tax ₹690.00/-
Kakinada Khaja
Kakinada Khaja / Kaja is a sweet delicacy of Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.  Kakinada  - a..
text_tax ₹640.00/-
Motichoor Laddu
Laddus are regarded as a very auspicious sweet. This Delicious Laddu is a standard In..
text_tax ₹710.00/-
The original name of this popular German dessert is Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte aka Black Forest cherr..
text_tax ₹1,050.00/-
Tasty Truffle
Send beautifully presented 1kg Chocolate Truffle cake to your family, friends  and re..
text_tax ₹1,275.00/-
Butterscotch is a type of confectionery whose primary ingredients are brown sugar and..
text_tax ₹1,050.00/-
Pineapple Cake
Surprise your dear ones on their birthdays or anniversaries by sending our fresh and delicious Pine ..
text_tax ₹910.00/-
Surprise your dear ones on their birthdays or anniversaries by sending our fresh and delicious Scots..
text_tax ₹1,130.00/-
Surprise your dear ones on their birthdays or anniversaries by sending our fresh and delicious Vanil..
text_tax ₹750.00/-

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