Friendship Day, Send Cakes and Flowers to Vizagfood

Friendship is an important part of everyone life. Without friends, there is no meaning to our life. Friends are those who always stay with us in all situations. Friends are those who always help us in our difficult times and party with us in our happier times. The month of August has arrived. It’s a month to do something special for your special friends. Friendship day is coming and it is time to convey a beautiful message to your friends and surprise them with gifts.


When it comes to celebration, Vizagfood is one of the best options to go for it. Vizagfood provides various varieties of cake options like customized cakes, wedding cakes, photo fix cakes, ice cream cakes etc for different kind of occasions even apart from this Vizagfood provides various types of flowers used in different occasion. Bouquet of various combination of flowers is always considered as one of the best gifts to give someone. Vizagfood now also provides Midnight delivery for their customers. Dial: 08008003620 & place your order. Now plan your celebration with help of Vizagfood. Below are the different types of Bouquet and cakes that are available at

Choco Evasion Cake-420x420

Red Velvet Cheese Cake:- Cheese is something which everyone loves a lot. While red velvet cheese cake is considered as one of the best cheese cake in the world. Vizagfood also provides red velvet cheese cakes various shapes.

Butterscotch Icecream Cake-420x420 (1)

Photofix Cakes: – if you have impressive and best image of your friends then give to us we will Photofix the image in the cake. Vizagfoods provide various options in photo fit cakes as per your favorite flavors.


Exotic Chocolate Cakes:- Chocolates are everyone all time favorite item. All age group people like chocolate cake. Vizagfood provides exotic chocolate cakes which will be loved by all age groups.


Premium Heart Cakes: – Friends are the heart of your life. Now surprise them with premium heart cakes on this special occasion.


Bouquet of Red Roses: – Red rose is always considered to be a symbol of love. If you want to express your feelings to your best friend that how much you love them then Bouquet of red roses is the perfect one to present him/her. Now buying a bouquet of red roses is as simple through

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Bouquet of Multi-colored Roses:– These roses when mixed with red and with another color rose adds an additional importance to the meaning of it.  For example, a combination of red and yellow roses conveys gaiety and happiness. Now buying a bouquet of multicolored roses is as simple through

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