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India is blessed with various cultures, traditions and festivals and many more reason for celebration. Cakes are considered as an essential ingredient of Celebration. Every celebration whether it be a birthday or anniversary or anything is incomplete without cake cutting.  It is time-honored dessert which is served during several occasions. People of all age group not only enjoy having it also cannot resist themselves from the creamy temptation and indulging taste too. Vizagfood provides various varieties of cake options like customized cakes, wedding cakes, photo fix cakes, ice cream cakes etc for different kind of occasions.

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Customized cakes- today’s generation always tend to think different and act differently. This trendy thinking introduced customized cakes. Customized cakes are cakes which look similar to a Cartoon, or picture and Vizag food provide customized cakes too as per the customer’s requirement.


Ice cream cakes- Ice cream cakes are cakes which are prepared using ice-cream as one of the ingredients. Such types of cakes are considered to be most favorite among the children. Vizag foods also provide ice cream cakes of various flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch etc.


Photo fix cakes –Photofix cakes are usually used for occasions such as wedding anniversary. It can be also gifted as a personalized wedding anniversary gift. Vizag foods provide various options in photo fix cakes as per your favorite flavors.


Exotic Chocolate cakes- Chocolates are everyone favorite item. It is like by all age groups. Vizag food provides exotic chocolate cakes which will be loved by all age groups.

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Premium Heart cakes – As any celebration is incomplete without cake cutting, even a Date is incomplete without cake cutting. Now surprise your loved one by ordering premium heart cakes and make your Date a perfect one to be.

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