It is time for vacation now. And during vacation it becomes quite difficult for all moms to surprise their children very often by selecting best thing for their child. Now, this becomes easier because of everyone knows that chocolates are all time favorite of kids. Not only in kids chocolate is the favorite item in all age groups. Any celebration is incomplete without a chocolate or a chocolate cake etc.

Vizag food has come up with Varieties of chocolate cakes specially for all age groups. Now celebration or party or surprise planning becomes as easy as simple through Vizagfood.comVizagfood now also provides Midnight delivery for their customers. Dial: 08008003620 & place your order. Below are the different types of Chocolate cakes that are available at Vizag

Chocolate caramel cake – This type of cake is made of chocolate and caramel. Caramel is a dark-brown confectionery product which is prepared by a heating variety of sugars. Caramel acts as an add on flavour to the product.6bc657011dfa64c406457a5dbaa93c5a

Chocolate Excess – this cake is specially designed for those who like only and only chocolate flavour and not combined with any other flavors. This cake is purely made of only chocolate.

Ferrero Almond cake – this cake has not only chocolate flavour but it is also rich in almonds. It is the mixture of almond and chocolate.

Hazelnut Truffle – This cake is a combination of chocolate and hazelnut. In this case, Hazel nut provides a nutty flavour to the cake. It also contains vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre and healthy fats.

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Truffle cake – this kind of cake is made of Chocolate and truffle. Truffle is high in calcium and Iron which is important for the body. Thus this type of cake not only adds on to the celebration but also provides a nutritive value.


To place, an order visits our website and place an order for your favorite cake. Make your payments online with help of credit/debit card. Vizagfood gives you free home delivery at the doorstep for 24X7 hrs in Vizag.