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In southern India, Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated to guide in the New Year and to express thanks to everything that makes our life. Maybe, for as long as there was ground and tilling, there has been some form of crop festival. Celebrations at the time of the winter solstice have been worldwide in almost every civilization on the planet. It is seen as the rising of the new sun. In Northern and other parts of India, harvest festivals are celebrated with various names such as Lohri, Gudhi Padwa, Holi, Onam, Ugadi.
“Pongal” in Tamil means “to boil”. It falls in January or February when rice, sugarcane, and other produce is cropped. It is, typically, celebrated in January or February. For a basically agrarian civilization a good yield forms its economic basis.

Laddus are one of the most well-known and liked Indian Sweets. They are typically ready for festivals like Pongal, Lohri, Diwali, Holi, and favorable occasions like marriages anniversary, Any Function etc.


Sweets are the most well-liked fragility that is offered to the deity. Indian sweets are thrilling in color, size, and shape. Their tastes may also be exclusive and specific. Within the northern portion of India, milk may be the staple and the common of the desserts derive from milk products while the southern part of India; coconut milk is typically used for formation desserts jointly with milk.

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