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A greater variety of sweets during Navratri

Hindus around the globe are praising the Navratri with much energy and intensity. As sweets play a vital role in the celebration. Aficionados are performing poojas and customs to look for gifts from Goddess Durga and her nine perfect structures, the delicious sweets make your festival fabulous.

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Numerous fans additionally watch the ceremonial diets to show their commitment to Goddess Durga. If you are watching these diets, you may have just tuned yourself to the uncommon Navratri diet. Watching the diets can get a smidgen tedious when you’re eating very similar things consistently, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with the restricted fixings that you have before you. We are providing you a great variety of sweets that makes your Navratri festival more delightful.

Navaratri is set apart by a multi-day long secretive quick, which remembers a lot of limitations for food. Be that as it may, this year Navratri is extraordinary, it is overwhelmed with an overall pandemic panic of (Covid-19), yet this doesn’t prevent an aficionado from celebrating and revering the all-powerful.

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We are providing the best services for the celebration of the Navratri festival using all the precautions. Despite this the delicious sweets that not only delight your mind but also provide the sugar-free sweets.
nowadays, people have an inborn desire for sweets due to festival season, to understand your desire. We introduce a new concept of sugar-free sweets.

Order Delicious Pure Ghee Sweet Pongal in Vizag

Hello everyone! Here is the colorful and exciting festival of harvest, Makar Sankranti, which is almost here. Have you planned to celebrate the most auspicious occasion in our culture?

Makar Sankranti, falling on January 14th this year, is a festival of thanksgiving for the harvest and a day of joyful festivities for the gifts received over the year. In South India, it is celebrated as three days festival on the first day it’s called Bhogi, the second day is celebrated as Sankranti and the third day is Kanuma.


In North India (Prayag), thousands of devout pilgrims line up to bathe at the confluence of the three holy rivers – Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati (Triveni Sangam). Families all over the country clean their homes and sanctify them. In Tamil, Nadu rice is suitable for eating in milk until the milk overflow. This is called ‘Pongal’. The overflowing milk symbolizes the desire to fill their homes with wealth and happiness.

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Rural India comes lively on this day with farmer’s work of art the horns of their cows in bright colors and tying colorful ribbons and bells around their necks. Kids fly colorful kites and conduct kite-flying competitions. There are joy, freshness and the beginning of new life everywhere. People visit each others’ homes bearing unique gifts. Make yours the most unique gift of all by opting Sweets and delicious Cakes from Vizagfood.com.

With Pongal Sweets you let your gift to your loved ones echo the very essence of this festival – abundance, as the recipient of your gift you can choose from a wide range of products. So send your Pongal Sweets right away and let your loved ones be spoilt for choice this Sankranti with Vizgafood.com

Celebrate Navratri with Vizag

Navratri is one of the main and significant festivals, celebrated to worship the Goddess Durga. It is importantly a nine-day festival where diverse nine forms of the Devi-Durga (Goddess) are adored. The festival is mostly celebrated2 times in a year (April and October). Several people observe a fast on this propitious festival and visit temples to seek the heavenly blessings. Offering prayers to the Divinity every day gives inner peace to the enthusiasts.





The celebration of Navratri that spreads over 9 nights and 10 days is one of the greatest appreciated celebrations in Hinduism and celebrated during the autumn season. It lays prominence on the worship of Goddess Durga or Shakti, represents the energy of the universe, in her nine different forms. There are four kinds of Navaratris – Chaitra Navratri, PaushNavratri, MaghaNavratri, and Sharad Navratri – celebrated in India throughout the year, Maha Navratri or Sharad Navratri is considered as the most auspicious.



This year, Navratri will be observed from September 29 – October 07, 2019, and the 10th and last day will be eminent as Dussehra. This year Navratricelebrate with Vizag you can feel free order cakes, flowers, sweets, amazing gifts, and delicious food and your order delivered on time.

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Cakes: cake is one of the prevalent cakes throughout the country. Cookies, baking powder and powdered sugar your cake will be made prepared in minutes. This is a very easy Cake recipe is a pure chocolaty pleasure for anybody who loves chocolates.

Celebrated Janmashtami with Vizagfood

Janmashtami is celebrated with all passion and sensitive spirits during the country. It results in the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna who is supposed to be an avatar of Vishnu as per Hindu belief.Krishna-Janmashtami-2019-4-644x362
The anniversary celebration takings place on the eighth days of the dark fortnight of the month of August-September as per Hindu calendar.
King Kansa lead the Yadava sphere “Mathura” and a prediction expected the death of the king by the eight sons born to his sister.

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Kansa killed all the six children given birth by Devaki after jailing the couple. The seventh one, Balarama was furtively offered over to Rohini. The eighth child was Krishna. Vasudeva run away from the jail the evening Krishna was born and he was offered over to his nurture parents, Yasoda and Nanda in Gokula.
The avatar of Krishna scripts the end of a dark and grubbing out of the evil services controlling the earth. It is said that he was a correct Brahmin who had extended Nirvana. Krishna is known to be blue in colour where blue like the sky scripts the endless potential and power of the Lord. His yellow clothes characterize the colour of the earth when presented into a pale flame. A pure, infinite awareness was born as Krishna to remove the wicked and recover the heavens. There are numerous gifts of collection on this Krishna Janmashtami.
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Celebrate Ganeshchaturthi with vizagfood

Vinayaka Chaturthi, commonly recognized as Ganesh Chaturthi, is an important Hindu festival famous all over India with countless passion and zeal. This superb festival honors the birth of the much worshiped elephant-headed Hindu Divinity – Ganesha. He is assumed to be the sign of wisdom and richness. On this day, enthusiasts worship him for his capability to remove difficulties and get in good prosperity.



In adding to this, people bring home interesting and decorated God of Lord Ganesha. People party this festival by adoring him in several ways, keeping in mind diverse family customs. This year Ganesh Chaturthi celebrated with vizagfood. Vizagfood offer the variety of items available here Cakes, Chocolates, Sweets, Flowers, exclusive gifts.




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Order online flowers to Vizag Visakhapatnam


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Send Friendship Day Special Sweets In Vishakhapatnam

Friendship day is a time to recognize them for Friendship day gifts for the all the joy and cares they shared with us. This friendship day, say that you really care for them in elegance and particularly crafted for your partners in Vishakhapatnam. Send this high-class collection of Friendship Day sweets gift through vizagfood.com and let them proud of you for being your best friend. Friendship is a very valuable and cultivated relationship and nobody can repudiate that fact. In general, everybody loves to be in a business of friends and it is the friendship bond that makes life complete. Vizagfood is a one-stop solution to choice such friendship day gifts online Supports and their memories are like scents, they always waft around us imperceptibly. Hence such friends deserve to be privileged with friendship day sweets gifts.



Acknowledging this, vizagfood.com offers a wide range of friendship day gifts for that one special friend or a team of your friends.

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Send Sweets To Friendship Day In Vashakapatnam

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