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Beautiful Butterfly - 1kg Milky Million
Send  delicious1 kg Milky Million  which is presented beautifuly with butterflies to your ..
text_tax ₹1,575.00/-
Delightful Wishes - 1kg Milky Million
Send yummy 1kg Milky Million pastry to your beloved ones at Vizag / Visakhapatnam from Vizagfoo..
text_tax ₹1,480.00/-
Beautiful Mom - 1kg Chocolate Truffle
Send 1 kg Chocolate Truffle which is presented beautifuly with small flowers to your dear ones / mot..
text_tax ₹1,575.00/-
Warm Wishes - 1kg Milky Million
Send 1 kg Milky Million which is beautifully presented with pink cute hearts to your dear ones at vi..
text_tax ₹1,450.00/-
With Love - 1kg Milky Million
Send 1kg Milky Million which is beautifully presented to your loved ones at vizag / visakhapatnam fr..
text_tax ₹1,850.00/-
Mummy Special - 1kg Milky Butterscotch
Send delicious 1 kg Milky Butterscotch which is presented beautifuly with excellent colour..
text_tax ₹1,550.00/-
Bunch of Red Roses
Red Roses have stolen our hearts for a long time now. Red Roses symbolize Love, Beauty, Co..
text_tax ₹475.00/-
Bunch of Yellow Roses
Yellow Roses are a traditional symbol of friendship. Yellow Roses are the perfect way to say thanks,..
text_tax ₹475.00/-
White Roses Bouquet
White Roses are traditionally associated with marriages and new beginnings. Their quiet beauty made ..
text_tax ₹1,250.00/-
Orange Roses
Bunch of 15 Orange Roses.Orange color is a cross between yellow and red color and where yellow roses..
text_tax ₹475.00/-
Pink Carnations Bouquet
Send lovely Pink carnations bouquet to your beloved ones at Vizag from Vizagfood and make them feel ..
text_tax ₹875.00/-
24 Multicolour Roses Basket
By mixing Rose blooms of different colors purposefully, you can create a boquet of emotions.A random..
text_tax ₹1,550.00/-
Red Velvet Cake
Send  delicious1 kg heartshape Red Velvet Cake  which is presented beautifuly with red ros..
text_tax ₹1,775.00/-
Pretty Pink - 1kg Milky Butterscotch
Send 1 kg Milky Butterscotch heartshape cake which is presented beautifuly with Pink colour  to..
text_tax ₹1,450.00/-
True Love - 1kg Chocolate Symphony
Send  delicious1 kg Chocolate Symphonty which is presented beautifuly with white chocolate to y..
text_tax ₹1,850.00/-
Mom Special - 1kg Chocolate Evasion
Send  delicious1 kg Chocolate Evasion which is presented beautifuly with small flowers and butt..
text_tax ₹1,550.00/-
Mothers Day Special - Truffle 1kg
Send 1 kg Chocolate Truffle cake which is beautifully presented with flowers to your beloved ones at..
text_tax ₹1,450.00/-
My Angel - Milky Million 1kg
Send Excellent Delicious Milky Million which is Elegantly decorated with Pink flowers to your loved ..
text_tax ₹1,575.00/-
Cute Mug
Send beautiful coffee mug to your beloved ones at Vizag / Visakhapatnam from vizagfood on any specia..
text_tax ₹575.00/-
Best Gift
Fruit basket along with flowers are the perfect gesture!! Send mixed seasonal fresh fruits along ..
text_tax ₹3,450.00/-
Healthy Gift
Fresh Fruits and Dry Fruit basket is perfect gift for any recipient ! Send mixed Dry Fr..
text_tax ₹4,850.00/-
Perfect Wish
This is absolutely perfect wish to any recipient.  Send mixed seasonal fresh Fruits along wi..
text_tax ₹5,600.00/-
Sweet Happiness
Chocolates are all time Favourites. Best Choice for Birthdays & Valentines Day. Send ..
text_tax ₹3,500.00/-
Rose & Ferrero Rocher 16pcs
Send all time favourite chocolate Ferrero Rocher 16pcs along with beautiful Red Rose to your de..
text_tax ₹900.00/-
Lucky Plant
Bamboo, believed to be a symbol of good fortune and success by Feng Shui followers. Lucky Bamboo Pla..
text_tax ₹890.00/-
Laughing Buddha
The Laughing Buddha is one of the most popular symbols used by Feng Shui Consultants for enhansing t..
text_tax ₹890.00/-
Charlie - Ladies Perfume
Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds and gives pleasant smell. Most..
text_tax ₹1,299.00/-
Premium Dry Fruits - 500 Grams
Dried fruit is a fruit from which the majority of the original water content has been removed e..
text_tax ₹1,550.00/-
Basket of Apples
Send Fresh Apples to your family, friends and relatives at vizag from vizagfood on on any day a..
text_tax ₹950.00/-
Mixed Sweets 1 kg
Send mouth watering delicious sweets  from vizagfood to your dear ones at vizag and make t..
text_tax ₹1,350.00/-
Assorted Temptation Bar Hamper
Send a Pack of Five Bars of Cadbury's Temptation Chocolates of different flavors. ..
text_tax ₹1,050.00/-
Motichoor Laddu - 1Kg
Laddus are regarded as a very auspicious sweet. This Delicious Laddu is a standard In..
text_tax ₹850.00/-
Lindt Lindor Chocolate
Give a delicious treat to your dear ones in Vizag by sending this mouth-watering chocolates from Lin..
text_tax ₹1,850.00/-
Tasty Cadbury Celebrations
If any occasion or festival is just around the corner, delight your loved ones in Vizag by sending t..
text_tax ₹379.00/-
Mouth-Watering Choco Treat
 A charming jori of a Cadbury Celebrations Pack and a Can of Fruit & Nut is too hot to hand..
text_tax ₹975.00/-
Bobbatlu - 1 Kg
Bobbatlu is one of the Andhra's most Delicious Traditional Sweet. Bobbatlu is mainly prepared during..
text_tax ₹690.00/-

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