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Send Special Gifts on kiss Day by Vizagfood

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Kiss is one of the most special and close moments in a relationship. It is the best way to express your love without actually saying it. Yes, we know that there are many other ways such as give a red rose, chocolates, gifts, cards etc but it is the kiss that takes the cake. It is one of the silent languages through that you can easily convey your feelings.


Some occasions or days are just so special, as they are so simple and have meaning behind why it is celebrated. Send to cute teddy this valentine’s week your beloved ones. Vizagfood also provides different varieties of cake choice, for example, chocolate cake, pineapple cake, and strawberry cake etc for the demanding kind event.


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Chocolate day: Send Chocolate & Gifts by Vizag


Finally, the most awaited and renowned days of the year are back. The love week or the expression of love days is on its way. It’s time for the most awaited week for the couples as well as lovebirds around all over the globe, all in a hope that they rejoice this Valentine’s day with their love and people who are the single dream of getting a partner. Almost every one of us wants and has a need to be loved. Love is endless. It is multi-dimensional. It is the most influential force on earth. Love my vary from that of a mother and child, husband and wife, between friends etc. It is said that Love will find its own way.

Cupid is the love sign for the day. A small angle like a child having wings on his back as well as having infinite love arrows. He uses his bow and arrows to aim people who desire love or are in require of love. It is said that his love arrows have the power to attract people and brings individuals close to each other. So after the proposed day, the chocolate day comes. Start your connection with sweet chocolate. Gift your love a pack of chocolate as well as fill your love life with lovability.


The Valentine’s Day, Wedding, Birthday and Anniversary are the particular events to memorize. Send Cakes, sweets, select gifts, fresh flowers, and Chocolate to your friends, dear one, and relations and make their day unforgettable. Order on


Gifts bring smile every time. So think of a modified gift for your lover that truthfully personifies her style statement. A charming bracelet or earring or even proposal themed spaghetti top will be the best marriage proposal idea.


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Extraordinary Cake, Chocolate, Fresh Flowers, Exclusive Gifts & Sweets by Vizagfood

Vizagfood is most famous for its fresh cakes in Vishakhapatnam. Order the delicious cake home delivery online Vishakhapatnam at It bakes extensive variety of cakes to complete the customer’s want of taste. They have wide variety of convention designed cakes for particular occasion. has intended the cakes based on the clients wish. Cakes with a lot of variety are available here, like Black Forest, German Black Forest, Photo Cake, Vanilla cake, Chocolate Cake and more.

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The Valentine’s Day, Lohri, Wedding, Birthday and Anniversary are the particular event to memorize. Send Cakes, sweets, select gifts, fresh flowers, and Chocolate to your friends, dear one, and relations and make their day unforgettable. Order on

5 feb

So why are you wasting time here and there! Just go online visit to place an order for cake to give surprise to your loved one. It is very easy to place an order on Vizagfood and you can customise your cake according to your interest. You can also send teddies, flowers, chocolates and food from the Vizagfood as well as enjoy your extraordinary occasion.  You can also place an order by calling at 800-800-3620 and if you have any kind of query then send it at Vizagfood also offers door delivery service to bring your cake at right moment.



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To make special Valentine’s Day this year by Vizagfood

Valentine’s Day is the wonderful day to propose you’re dear and turn into the relationship. Romantic marriage proposal becomes special during Valentine’s Day. There are many proposal plans to woo your lover on this Big day! Make the proposal with fervor and exclusivity to make her day special and this suggestion ever unforgettable for both of you.


Send in your suggestion for the wedding with the box of chocolates or invite your partner to a chocolate party as well as shower your love notes with spiritual chocolate designs themed around the party location. Big heart shaped chocolate can find greatest love proposal on it saying “Will you marry me” in Dark chocolate!



Gifts bring smile every time. So think of a modified gift for your lover that truthfully personifies her style statement. A charming bracelet or earring or even proposal themed spaghetti top will be the best marriage proposal idea.

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I don’t think it would be Valentine’s Day without a vanilla layer cake covered with a lovely cream cheese buttercream. This triple-layer cake has a rustic design that quite nicely with the pink hearts.


Vizagfood has a numeral of beautiful, exciting and latest gifts, flowers, cakes, and many other items for the special occasion, Valentine’s Day, birthday, wedding, and anniversary. Just go to Vizagfood and send gifts, flowers, cakes, chocolates and lots of other gifting items to your friends, dearly loved one as well as surprise them. To get the facts of your cake you can also ask us on the telephone by calling at 800-800-3620 and get all particulars about your order as well as cake.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day this Year with Vizagfood

It’s almost here! The day of the year connected with the most feels, whether positive or negative. While chocolates and roses are perfectly acceptable acknowledgments of the importance of Valentine’s Day, every girl really just wants the same thing. To know that someone thinks of her, someone cares for her, someone put a little effort into her Valentine’s Day gift.  This Valentine you can express your love with unique Valentine’s Day gifts. On our website, you can find many kinds of Valentine’s Day Gifts for him or her. Increase the beauty of Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped bouquets, cakes, flowers, teddies, chocolates, hampers etc. You can choose Valentine’s gifts for girlfriends from Vizagfood.

Chocolate is concerning happiness and what can be additionally pleasant than a heart-shaped chocolate cake that is overflowing with a chocolate whipped cream and then covered with a layer of chocolate. This would be the wonderful wedding day and Valentine’s Day dessert.


Our chocolates are gorgeously packed and delivered to the destination of your choice with absolute ease. With the increasing demand for chocolate related gift items, we have come up with chocolate bar bouquets which can be delivered same day to your desired address in


No matter what the occasion might be, flowers say it the best, greeting with flowers is the best way to express your feelings and make your loved ones happier. There is a different genre of flowers blessed to us by nature. Sometimes we get confused while choosing which form of flowers should be best suited as a gift. So we are available here for you, we are providing the online delivery of the best form of beautiful flowers, by send flowers to Vizag.


Now visit to place an order for these delicious cakes, flowers, sweets, and chocolates to give surprise to your dearly loved one. It is very simple to place an order on Vizagfood and you can customise your cake according to your interest. You can also place an order by calling at 800-800-3620 and if you have any type of problem then send it to


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Celebrate Valentine’s day With Vizagfood. Send cake, Flowers, Gifts to Vizag

Every year on February 14th, people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their someone  special “valentine.” This day of romance is popularly known as Valentine’s Day and this day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5thcentury. This day also has its origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia. In India, not only 14th February is celebrated has Valentine’s Day but the whole week is celebrated for Love, romance. Send online cake, flowers, gifts and chocolates to Vizag on this Valentine’s day and surprise your loved ones.

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Different people have different ways of celebrating this day and planning something special for their loved ones. Normally it has been observed that this day is celebrated by giving roses, teddy bears, chocolates and much more on the various days celebrated on the valentine’s week. Order online gifts to Vizag. People celebrate this day with their partner by exchanging cards, gifts, flowers, cutting a cake and enjoy romantic candlelight dinner with their loved ones. Nowadays youngster celebrates this day with full excitement. On this day, boys purpose their love and give cute gifts, flowers.The most common symbol of Valentine’s Day is the red rose bouquet, heart, and cute cupid.


Flowers are the most important part of every occasion, especially Valentine’s Day. Flowers help to express the feelings of love to their loved one. Do you all know what ROSE means, it means R- Rare, O- Ones, S- Supporting, E- Entire life? The most obvious and well-known meaning of the red rose is deep love and affection. The red rose expresses the throbbing heat of new love, a passionate expression of attraction. Now let your special one know that how special is he/she for you. Surprise your loved one by giving beautiful roses by using Yes, now you can easily send roses to your beloved one from anywhere using our site.

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As we all know that Chocolates are considered as one of the most favorite sweet of all youngsters.  We also celebrate one of the days as chocolate day in valentine’s week. Chocolate day celebration brings a favorite flavor of the each one in their life and everyone celebrate it heartily. It is observed that it is the western culture celebration which brings a revolution of real love through the chocolate love among the huge people surrounding the world. One this special occasion everyone involves themselves in buying a bunch of chocolates to gift to their most loved ones. Now gift your beloved one special chocolates from Vizagfood, here you get various offers and discounts on our special collection of chocolates, Homemade swiss, and our special chocolate bouquets.


As everyone knows the celebration is something which is incomplete without cake cutting. And what’s gonna be more than special than a customized special cake for your perfect date for your Valentine’s? Yes now arranging customized special cakes for your loved ones is gonna be very simple at Cakes are considered one of the main ingredients of celebration. Any celebration is incomplete without a cake for it.You can express your deepest feelings with some romantic gifts; many amazing gifts and unique gift ideas are available at Vizagfood for a breathtaking Valentine’s Day celebration. Here you get the variety of unique gifts like cakes, flowers, cupids and so on. So order the best gifts, cakes or rose bouquets from the exclusive collection of Vizagfood on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day, here you get 10% off on any item you selected for your special one. Use this coupon code DREAM17 until 14th February.

Happy Teddy Day, Send Cake, Gifts, Flowers in Vizag

Valentine’s week and their importance: Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day - Teddy Day , Promise Day , Kiss Day , Hug Day  Valentine’s Day,

Today is Teddy Day and celebrated on 10th Feb every Year. We must enjoy this day and celebrate it by creating great fun. I must say, everyone should leave the tensions of their complicated lives, rather understanding them, we must enjoy them with full cherishes and joy.

On this day people exchange Teddy and enhances the charm of any relationship and puts people in a good mood. Teddy day is one of the best days of Valentine celebration, The day is celebrated with a lot of joy and craziness…

Every day before Valentine’s Day impacts a lot. Teddy Day is celebrated before the Valentine’s Day. It is also a special way to celebrate your love. People who were in love originated these some special days before the Valentine’s Day and making the whole week to cherish and enjoy your love as a whole.


In earlier times, nobody bothers about the love, but with the busy schedules of work and life, people don’t have so much time to spend some special moments with their loved ones. Now, some festivals or special days can bring us closer to our relatives and friends. Teddy Day is one of them. Some people believe their loved one as their teddy and do some special things for them on this day.  Some people present Teddy Bear on this day to

Make this more memorable and lovable to their loved one. Some people love their teddy’s so much as they are fond of Teddies, so people celebrate this day with their teddies and do some special and creative things for it.

On this day, people meet with their loved ones, presenting them love showing gifts such as teddy’s and creating fun making this day memorable one. Teddy brings a great smile on the faces of the people and somebody who feels themselves alone can enjoy and talk with their teddy. Teddy can be a great friend of most people. Whenever somebody feels sad, or happy they can talk or hug their teddy to make themselves happy.

There are different types of Teddy available in the , Enjoy your valentine week

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Celebrate Chocolate Day, Send Online Chocolates to Vizag

As we all know that valentine’s week is going on, and on 9th February chocolate day is celebrated all over the world. Eating chocolate can be the most enjoyable things in the world if you are in the right place, at the right time and with a right person. There is the one thing everyone in this world will never refuse to have chocolate. Chocolates become very important part of everybody’s life. Without this, every occasions and event are not complete. It becomes a trend to gift chocolates on every event to friends, family, relatives, and some close ones. It fills every occasion perfectly. It is a sign of love and happiness. Send Online Chocolates to Vizag at

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Chocolates have many different varieties of milk chocolates, dark chocolates, chocolate with caramel and much more. Some chocolates are not very sweet like dark chocolates because this bitter chocolate has a high percentage of cocoa and less percentage of sugar and it is very beneficial for those who want to stay slim. Bourneville brand has this kind of chocolates. Vizagfood offers best and exclusive collection of chocolates, it includes chocolate bouquet, and chocolate hampers, Homemade Swiss Chocolates. Send online Chocolates in Vizag to your special ones on this chocolate day

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The majority of the young girls love chocolates and on the chocolate day, it is wanted to present chocolates to the young ladies affecting a great deal. Chocolates are sweet and firm which helps in conveying your message to the young ladies with the best points of view. Send online chocolates to Vizag for your beautiful lady to express your feelings and love. A chocolate helps to refresh the mood and spread happiness and love in the environment. Chocolates are the great gift for anyone at any time. On chocolate day youngsters gifts chocolates to impress their life partner or their close friends. It is the best option to gift a perfect box of chocolate with a bouquet of red roses to your beloved ones on this special day to feel them special. It is the best way to express your love towards the other.

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So if you are looking for the best quality of chocolates, gifts, cakes, flowers and etc. then place an order from and select from the best varieties of chocolates of any type and size. The packing and presentation will increase the taste of your chocolate and a sweet smile on your partner. Vizagfood is the only store for a great collection of chocolates, cakes, Flowers, Gifts and much more. Enjoy your valentine week with www.vizagfood.comFlat 10% discount to send chocolates in Vizag. Use coupon code DREAM17 and get a discount on every item.

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