Get 10 % off on Cakes for Kids, Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Premium Heart Shape Cakes, Gateau Cakes in Vizag Visakhapatnam

Get 10 Percent off on Cakes in Vizag Visakhapatnam 

Cakes are a big part of any celebration. Be it a birthday party or weeding, people look forward to cakes in Vizag. It’s no secret that Christians have the tradition of making a special plum cake on the Christmas. This shows, cakes are a big part of our life, festively and casually. There was a time when most people used to make their cakes at home in Visakhapatnam. They used to prepare for it, days ahead.

But, now people don’t have that much time. Neither is making a cake easy task. Time and work associated with preparation and cooking is impractical for modern life. A lot of people buy their cakes from bakers. Bakers make perfect cakes with their experience and expertise, enabling you to buy from a variety of selection – from an exotic chocolate cake to a gateau.

Buying Cakes Online in Visakhapatnam

Internet has become a hunting ground for a lot of products. Now, you can buy any cake from comfort of your home from a famous baker. Your choices doesn’t decrease because of your absence, instead you can go through more choices, and make an informed decision. Online cake stores provide all types of cakes in Vizag. And, you can get 10 percent off on all cakes during Diwali holidays.

Following are the different types of cakes available in our online store:

Cakes for Kids in Vizag – Kids love nothing more than a sweet and soft cake. You will find a lot of cartoon shaped cakes in our Kids collection to please the kids. They are available in all types of flavour too, such as chocolate, fruit, strawberry, etc.

Wedding Cakes in Vizag – Most modern wedding are incomplete without a cake. Our premium heart shape cakes are a special favourite among lovers. Other than that, you can get – seven stairs, marriage jingles design. Wedding cakes are often big and beautiful, as marriage is a once in lifetime occasion for most people.

Birthday Cakes in Vizag – Birthdays are probably the most common occasion for cutting a cake. You can get a fully customised cake for your birthday. You will get candles and knife free of cost with your cake. There is no set trend while buying a birthday cake, just buy what you like.

Other occasions in Vizag– Now people buy cakes to celebrate their anniversaries, promotion, or nothing at all. Valentine day is also a popular moment to declare your love with a cake. As said earlier, plum cakes are Christmas speciality, while gateau and exotic chocolate cakes are for real cake lovers.


Buying cakes online has become very easy. These online shops provide a lot of choices at a very good price. Here you can find all types of cakes such as wedding cakes, cakes for kids, Christmas cakes, birthday cakes, etc. Additionally, you will get a special 10 percent discount on all cakes.

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