A wedding isn’t truly a wedding without a cake. And while some favor more novel ideas, a fair few still opt for the old-style tiered fancy, covered in white frosting and topped with floras and ornaments.

But while you influence have thought the tiers on a wedding cake are virtuously visual, each holds implication – and there’s an aim a true, reliable bake continually comes with three. You might be attentive, but the traditions of ancient dictate that the bottommost tier is for eating after the ritual. The bride and groom cut into it, and a long line forms.

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Moist cake, roofed in butterscotch icing, drenched with a rich, butterscotch ganaché which will sort your mouth water. Brown sugar’s smooth syrup flavor and butterscotch’s creamy goodness shine through in an amusing and decedent ganaché, topped with chocolate chips and Choco chunks.

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