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Extraordinary Cake, Chocolate, Fresh Flowers, Exclusive Gifts & Sweets by Vizagfood

Vizagfood is most famous for its fresh cakes in Vishakhapatnam. Order the delicious cake home delivery online Vishakhapatnam at Vizagfood.com. It bakes extensive variety of cakes to complete the customer’s want of taste. They have wide variety of convention designed cakes for particular occasion.

Vizagfood.com. has intended the cakes based on the clients wish. Cakes with a lot of variety are available here, like Black Forest, German Black Forest, Photo Cake, Vanilla cake, Chocolate Cake and more.

5 jan valentine-cakes-designs

The Valentine’s Day, Lohri, Wedding, Birthday and Anniversary are the particular event to memorize. Send Cakes, sweets, select gifts, fresh flowers, and Chocolate to your friends, dear one, and relations and make their day unforgettable. Order on http://www.vizagfood.com.

5 feb

So why are you wasting time here and there! Just go online visit www.vizagfood.com to place an order for cake to give surprise to your loved one. It is very easy to place an order on Vizagfood and you can customise your cake according to your interest. You can also send teddies, flowers, chocolates and food from the Vizagfood as well as enjoy your extraordinary occasion.  You can also place an order by calling at 800-800-3620 and if you have any kind of query then send it at support@vizagfood.com. Vizagfood also offers door delivery service to bring your cake at right moment.



Enjoy your Valentine week with www.vizagfood.comFlat 10% discount to send Extraordinary Cake, Chocolate, Fresh Flowers, Exclusive Gifts & Sweets by Vizagfood. Use coupon code “VALFTI18” and get a discount on everything.





Send to Wedding Gifts, Cakes, and Flowers by Vizagfood

The wedding anniversary is a very significant day in the life of every married couple. This day is significantly meant for the party and of course gifts. Presenting a gift to associate and enjoying the day to the fullest is the main obligation of the event. Well, the gift is an essential part of the celebration and with this, there comes the main responsibility to pick the most appropriate and polite gift for the occasion. Wedding anniversary gift for the husband is really a serious matter of concern for the wife. It takes really an extensive and difficult for her select the perfect gift.

This once in a lifetime occasion is definitely a moment for her when she could actually show her love and dedication towards the relationship through the perfect gift. If you are also looking for perfect wedding anniversary gift then here we are with four such wonderful options that would give you some sort of relaxation.

Romantic Flower Arrangement Surprise: Don’t go in a standard way in this wedding anniversary of yours. Present an idealistic flower arrangement surprise for husband and make him feel dear. Surprising him with online red roses as wedding anniversary gift to his office would also be a perfect sign for expressing your love and affection to him. Vizagfood


Special Gifts: This gift hamper would combine the cutest gift ideas that the recipient wives would love to be gifted with. Girls and women always admire ‘cute’ ideas as gifts. Thus this gift hamper would be the ideal gift for her. Vizagfood


Delicious Cake: Cake is a form of sweet desert customized from the bread. The cake is well-known for the wedding cakes, Search out the cake from Vizag and if your friend is far away from you after that we have the delivery options for you as well. Some of the cakes we present are Chocolate cakes, Photo Fix cakes, Ice-cream cakes and much more. Place an order and get delicious cakes in Vizag.


Other than sweets you can also order and send food to Vizag. There are lot more options of food for those who are vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Various snacks, shakes, ice-creams are accessible to total your meal. Organize fresh sweets and many other tasty sweets and send it to your relatives, family, and friends. Vizagfood gives 24X7 free home deliveries in Visakhapatnam. You can also place your order by calling at +91 800 800 3620 or you can also give us your feedback at support@vizagfood.com.

Independence Day with Vizagfood

Independence Day is the day which is celebrated with joy and happiness all over India. This is the day on which we conquered our independence from the United Kingdom. 15th August 1947 is the date on which we got our freedom. This day is a most important day in the history of the India. www.vizagfood.com

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This day is considered to be one of the precious days in every Indian’s life. Today on 15th August 2017. We are celebrating out the 70thindependence day. On this day our honorable prime minister hoists the flag on the ramparts of the historical site Red Fort in Delhi.Twenty-one gun shots are fired in honor of the solemn occasion.


This day is celebrated with great Anthis siam by every Indian in the country. Now celebrate this day by exchanging sweets and flowers to your near and dear ones only from vizaagfood.com. Vizagfood now also provides Midnight delivery for their customers. Dial: 08008003620 & place your order. Below are the different types of Bouquet and cakes that are available at Vizagfood.com.

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Customized cakes: Vizagfood also provides special tri-color customized cake on this special occasion. This is made up of mixing various flavors of your choice. You just need to give us the picture and we will convert that into the cake for you.

download (62)

Chocolate cakes: Now celebrate this special day by distributing chocolate cakes to your near and dear ones. Chocolate is one of the favorite items of all age group people. Now celebrate this day of happiness with the premium special chocolate cake only from vizagfood.com.

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Ice cream cakes- Ice cream cakes are cakes is prepared using ice-cream as its major ingredient. Such types of cakes are considered to be most favorite among the children and even among the elders. Vizagfoods also provide ice cream cakes of various flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch etc.

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Bouquet of Red roses – red rose is always considered to be the symbol of love. If you want to express your love and care then Bouquet of red roses is the perfect one. Now buying a bouquet of red roses is as simple through Vizagfood.com.


Bouquet of white roses: white roses are a symbol of peace. Now spread peace and love all over the world by giving white roses. Now buying a bouquet of red roses is as simple through Vizagfood.com.

download (61)

Bouquet of multicolored roses – Multicolored roses are the bouquet of various colors of roses. These roses, when mixed with red and with different color roses and additional messaged, can be conveyed to all. Now buying a bouquet of multicolored roses is as simple through Vizagfood.com.

download (60)

For best quality of products ordered at Vizagfood.com at any time. We also provide Mid-time delivery to our customers.  Visit www.vizagfood.com and place your order.

Friendship Day, Send Cakes and Flowers to Vizagfood

Friendship is an important part of everyone life. Without friends, there is no meaning to our life. Friends are those who always stay with us in all situations. Friends are those who always help us in our difficult times and party with us in our happier times. The month of August has arrived. It’s a month to do something special for your special friends. Friendship day is coming and it is time to convey a beautiful message to your friends and surprise them with gifts.


When it comes to celebration, Vizagfood is one of the best options to go for it. Vizagfood provides various varieties of cake options like customized cakes, wedding cakes, photo fix cakes, ice cream cakes etc for different kind of occasions even apart from this Vizagfood provides various types of flowers used in different occasion. Bouquet of various combination of flowers is always considered as one of the best gifts to give someone. Vizagfood now also provides Midnight delivery for their customers. Dial: 08008003620 & place your order. Now plan your celebration with help of Vizagfood. Below are the different types of Bouquet and cakes that are available at Vizagfood.com.

Choco Evasion Cake-420x420

Red Velvet Cheese Cake:- Cheese is something which everyone loves a lot. While red velvet cheese cake is considered as one of the best cheese cake in the world. Vizagfood also provides red velvet cheese cakes various shapes.

Butterscotch Icecream Cake-420x420 (1)

Photofix Cakes: – if you have impressive and best image of your friends then give to us we will Photofix the image in the cake. Vizagfoods provide various options in photo fit cakes as per your favorite flavors.


Exotic Chocolate Cakes:- Chocolates are everyone all time favorite item. All age group people like chocolate cake. Vizagfood provides exotic chocolate cakes which will be loved by all age groups.


Premium Heart Cakes: – Friends are the heart of your life. Now surprise them with premium heart cakes on this special occasion.


Bouquet of Red Roses: – Red rose is always considered to be a symbol of love. If you want to express your feelings to your best friend that how much you love them then Bouquet of red roses is the perfect one to present him/her. Now buying a bouquet of red roses is as simple through Vizagfood.com.

download (1)

Bouquet of Multi-colored Roses:– These roses when mixed with red and with another color rose adds an additional importance to the meaning of it.  For example, a combination of red and yellow roses conveys gaiety and happiness. Now buying a bouquet of multicolored roses is as simple through Vizagfood.com.

download (26)

For best quality of products ordered at Vizagfood.com at any time. We also provide Midtime delivery to our customers. Visit www.vizagfood.com and place your order.Use this code EIRIHK for 10% discount.

Give a Charm to “Friendship Day”, Order Online Cakes to Vizag

Friendship alludes to the common relationship of warmth, confide in, participation, and support between at least two people. A decent friend is a viewed as the genuine gift of God. We as a whole vibe agreeable in the organization of companions. Friendship is essential to living to its most extreme. www.vizagfood.com 

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We can go through delightful minutes with our companions. Every one of us requires some person with whom we can share our feelings. A friend is somebody on whom we can put our trust. At the point when the tide doesn’t appear to be our ally, a friend is somebody who fills boldness and trust in our heart. Somebody properly stated, “Walking with the friend oblivious is superior to walking alone in the light.”

images (86)

Friendship Day is commended on first Sunday of August and individuals everywhere throughout the globe praise the sacred non-blood connection between people. The genuine bond between buddies is appreciated on this day and friends offer thanks towards the holding which they share. Friends are a crucial piece of one’s life and without them; we truly can’t envision our life. On this uncommon day, we at vizagfood.com wishing everybody of you an exceptionally Happy Friendship Day 2017! Proceed, command the power of profound devotion and keep in mind to treasure the association with your mates.

download (22)

Friends on this day share gifts, cards, enjoy in parties and spend their evening in the company of friends. If you are thinking to arrange a party on this day to surprise your friends with lots of love and devotion. Then you are on the right track, arrange an awesome party and get tasty foodie stuff as well as the cake to give charm to your party. We at Vizagfood.com, offer different quality of desserts and flowers.

images (83)

Visit our site and get the stuff best suited to boost your party. We have fresh and quality sweets; you can order online sweets delivery to Vizag. Also, you can get same day delivery of cakes to Vizag. If you are thinking to send a gift to the friend far away, then don’t forget to attach flowers to that gift. Flowers will surely flare more prettiness into the gift. So get the beautiful blooms at our site and order online flowers to Vizag. Our whole team is customer friendly and we are sure you will have happy shopping with us. www.vizagfood.com 

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Indian Festivals

Indian festivals are well known all over the globe. India is mostly known for its culture and traditions. People here are very loving and nice. They celebrate their special days and festivals happily along with their dear ones. A happy celebration always needs a cake and tasty food stuff also a sweet present along with the beautiful flowers. All these can simply boost your celebration and flares a smile on the face of your loving ones. Get this stuff easily from Vizagfood.com.

images (4)

Order special cakes, flowers and also food from Vizagfood.com and make your evening more special. We at Vizag offers the best quality of foodie stuff and flowers as well. You can simply place an order and get a fast delivery at your door step. We are sure that you will unbox happiness.

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Vizagfood Cakes Best Partner Of Your Party

A party without cake is just a gathering; Cake is the best celebratory dish during special occasions, it is a soft, creamy, sweet recipe which will boost-up your celebrations and make your day most memorable. Happy Eid mubarak greetings and celebrate Cake, everyone is familiar with this word. It is a form of sweet desert considered as the best partner in parties or served as a celebratory dish on ceremonial occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. As “Cake is happiness! If you know the way of cake, you know the way of cheerfulness! If you have a cake in front of you, you should not look Moreover for joy!” One cannot buy happiness but one can buy a cake, which is kind of the same thing. You initiate every party with the help of cake. It is a soft sweet food which is happily served in everybody as a kind of celebration. It can be considered as one of the most softies, sweetest gifts to someone who liked to eat cake so much. images (39) So as to surprise your dear ones and to show all your love towards them, just order a very delicious and beautify decorated cake from vizagfood.com in Vizag/Vishakhapatnam. We are always here to provide you the best quality or occasional cakes as per your need. We have different varieties of cakes at our site; you can check or choose as per your need. images (41) Let me take out your attention towards the cake introduced at vizagfood.com in Vizag cakes/Vishakhapatnam. Ice-cream cakes- ice-cream is mostly liked over the globe, it can be simply called as a key to smile or relief, and you will forget your stress and sadness while having an ice-cream. Is it looks amazing to have a creamy layer of ice cream over the cake? Vizagfood cakes offer an ice-cream cake to you which will definitely be a surprise gift to the one who loves ice-cream so much. So no need to tighten your shoe laces, just visit our site and order a delicious ice-cream cake and send to your close ones and surprise them. Get online Cakes in Vizag. images (42)   Exotic Chocolate Cake- One bite of chocolate can make your day. It can eliminate your stress and make you feel free from all the worldly worries. It is a widely flavored treat that comes in more verifies that any one person could imagine. Here Vizagfood Cake is providing you the kind of cake having a layer of chocolate over it, which makes it, looks more amazing and tasty as well. So it’s a time to impress the chocolate lover in the group of your friends or in the family also. Order online chocolate cake in Vizag cakes/Vishakhapatnam and enjoy your day with chocolate experience. images (43) Photo Fix Cake- Every group or family has a member, who is very much fond of clicking pictures. So just spin your mind and give a surprise to that person by greeting him with a cake having his/her most favorite photo pasted over it. Vizagfood.com consist differently designed cake having photo over it, such cakes are called as Vizag Photo Fix cake. So order it as soon as possible, we will deliver it to the door steps of your dear one. And we are sure that he/she will unbox the happiness from that parcel. images (44) Premium Heart Cake- The life is all about being happy and spread happiness everywhere. So as to put a smile on someone’s face you should have to greet them in a loving way by gifting flowers, special gifts and beautifully decorated cake on their special occasions. Here we at vizagfood.com are providing special premium heart cake in which upper cream layer is enriched with the shape of a heart. We are making you sure that this gift will definitely make the day of your dear ones. So don’t think twice, just place an order and make someone feel happy. images (45) Wedding Cakes- Wedding is the much awaited and special day for everyone’s life. A person always thinks to make that day most memorable. There are lots interesting things to do for this. But any celebration except cake is just partial; no celebration can be started without cake. You need a special cake for wedding or anniversary so as to impress your bride or husband, also to boost up your celebrations. Visit Vizagfood.com, where you can get a different kind of cakes specially prepared for weddings and anniversaries. You can make the best choice from there and we will provide a safe home delivery to you. So that you can unwrap the happiness. Deliver Wedding Cakes to Visakhapatnam and make an impression. images (46) All our employs in Vizagfood.com are very customer friendly, we are sure that you will have a satisfactory experience with us. We will definitely take care of all your needs and provide you best service. Thank you You can visit our place-   Sector X1, MVP Colony, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, Pin- 530017 You can login also- www.vizagfood.com For any query just dial our toll-free number -+91 800 800 3620.