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The Wedding, Birthday and Anniversary are the particular event to memorize. Send sweets, top-quality gifts, fresh-flowers, and Chocolate to your friends, beloved one, and make their day memorable.  So we are available here for you, we are providing the online delivery of the finest form of beautiful flowers, by sending chocolate, cakes & gifts to Vizag. Vizagfood is the best online store for a great collection of chocolates, cakes, Flowers, Gifts and much more. Contact Details: 08008003620. Enjoy your birthday with http://www.vizagfood.com.


Special Cake Flavors for Wedding, Anniversary & Birthday

On this Wedding Day, nothing can get together up with your hope well than a chocolate flavor cake. You can trial with cake design in the same flavor and make it more outgoing and special for your love. If you are not able to get together your love on the day, you can send cake online and happiness for the beautiful moment. http://www.vizagfood.com


Pineapple Cake:

Pineapple cake looks good-looking and also tastes delicious. Pineapple cake is not the only flavor but it also very fit and has many helpful effects on the body. Vizagfood is the online food ordering store from where you can buy delicious Pineapple cake to your loved one to make their day additional special. http://www.vizagfood.com


Oreo Cake:

Oreo is involving to pleasure and what can be also enjoyable than a full chocolate chiffon cake which is occupied of a chocolate whipped cream and then cover with a covering of Oreo or silky chocolate. This would be the perfect birthday and Anniversary dessert. http://www.vizagfood.com.



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Surprising Cake, Chocolate, Fresh Flowers & Cute Gifts by Vizag

Vizagfood is most well-known for its fresh and tasty cakes in Vishakhapatnam. Order the delicious cake home delivery online Vishakhapatnam at Vizagfood.com. It bakes wide variety of cakes to complete the client’s want of taste. They have wide variety of convention designed cakes for scrupulous occasion.

Vizagfood.com has anticipated the cakes based on the customers wish. Cakes with lots of variety are available here, like Black Forest, German Black Forest, Photo Cake, Vanilla cake, Chocolate Cake and more.


The Wedding, Birthday and Anniversary are the exacting event to memorize. Send Cakes, sweets, select gifts, fresh flowers, and Chocolate to your friends, dear one, and relations as well as make their day unforgettable. Order on http://www.vizagfood.com.

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So why are you wasting time here and there! Just go online visit www.vizagfood.com to place an order for cake to give surprise to your loved one. It is very trouble-free to place an order on Vizagfood and you can customise your cake according to your interest. You can also send teddies, flowers, chocolates and food from the Vizagfood as well as enjoy your surprising occasion.


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Send Special Gifts on kiss Day by Vizagfood

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Kiss is one of the most special and close moments in a relationship. It is the best way to express your love without actually saying it. Yes, we know that there are many other ways such as give a red rose, chocolates, gifts, cards etc but it is the kiss that takes the cake. It is one of the silent languages through that you can easily convey your feelings.


Some occasions or days are just so special, as they are so simple and have meaning behind why it is celebrated. Send to cute teddy this valentine’s week your beloved ones. Vizagfood also provides different varieties of cake choice, for example, chocolate cake, pineapple cake, and strawberry cake etc for the demanding kind event.


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Celebrating Valentine Week: Hug Day by Vizag


Valentine’s Day is just two days away, but the run-up to this occasion is no less exciting. The week preceding this day of love is equally special, as each day of the week holds a special implication. While today lovers celebrate Hug Day.  February 12 gives you one more reason to embrace the people you love. A hug has the power to make things right and make people feel loved and cared for. Make the most of this day, and give the person you love, a warm hug now.

Cakes are more indispensable ingredients of bread, eggs, flour, oil, and sugar. Though, it is the best symbol to improve the celebration and delight of every occasion. The cake is recommended for just about every occasion especially Valentine’s day, birthday, wedding, and anniversaries. Best cake to Vizag is distinguished, intended and decorated according to various special occasions.


A red and lily rose could be an ancient sign of relationship and chic thanks to happiness up somebody you like. Presently extends love and assume plenty of everywhere the world by giving red and lily roses. Currently shopping for a basket of lily and red roses is as simple as http://www.vizagfood.com.


The variety of flowers offered in red roses, white rose, pink rose, multicolor roses etc. Now shopping for a variety of roses is as simple as Vizagfood.com. Send that  Cake, Lily and red roses Basket planned by supreme fundamentals and flavors to you’re close to as well as classy on their Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Dussehra, Diwali, New Year, Christmas and big day etc and add the pleasure of an instant. Dial: 08008003620 & put your order. Below are a unit the forms of flowers that area unit offered at http://www.vizagfood.com.


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Valentine’s Week Celebrates Promise Day with Vizagfood

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The Valentine Week celebrates its fifth day – Promise Day – on February 11 every year. After Teddy Day, Promise Day is one of the most special days of the Valentine Week, and it is celebrated by everyone with a lot of anticipation.On this day, people make promises to make their bond stronger. We all know a bond needs love, notice, and care but it also needs faith and promise to always be there for each other. Promise Day is intended to be famous for this purpose. On this day, couples can promise each other all kinds of things which can bring novelty to their love life.


Promises make a person responsible and on this day, plenty many couples promise to do something new and diverse for each other to see their loved ones smiling. Promise Day helps a person in expressing their true love by creation promises which one can easily fulfill.

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Send to Promise Day gifts this Valentine’s week your beloved ones. Vizagfood also provides diverse varieties of cake choice, for example, chocolate cake, pineapple cake, and strawberry cake etc for the demanding kind occasion.



Dial: 08008003620 & place your order. Below is the range of types of food fried rice, mushroom and snacks, fresh flowers and delicious chocolate that are accessible at http://www.vizagfood.com.


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To make special Valentine’s Day this year by Vizagfood

Valentine’s Day is the wonderful day to propose you’re dear and turn into the relationship. Romantic marriage proposal becomes special during Valentine’s Day. There are many proposal plans to woo your lover on this Big day! Make the proposal with fervor and exclusivity to make her day special and this suggestion ever unforgettable for both of you.


Send in your suggestion for the wedding with the box of chocolates or invite your partner to a chocolate party as well as shower your love notes with spiritual chocolate designs themed around the party location. Big heart shaped chocolate can find greatest love proposal on it saying “Will you marry me” in Dark chocolate! http://www.vizagfood.com



Gifts bring smile every time. So think of a modified gift for your lover that truthfully personifies her style statement. A charming bracelet or earring or even proposal themed spaghetti top will be the best marriage proposal idea. http://www.vizagfood.com

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I don’t think it would be Valentine’s Day without a vanilla layer cake covered with a lovely cream cheese buttercream. This triple-layer cake has a rustic design that quite nicely with the pink hearts. http://www.vizagfood.com


Vizagfood has a numeral of beautiful, exciting and latest gifts, flowers, cakes, and many other items for the special occasion, Valentine’s Day, birthday, wedding, and anniversary. Just go to Vizagfood and send gifts, flowers, cakes, chocolates and lots of other gifting items to your friends, dearly loved one as well as surprise them. To get the facts of your cake you can also ask us on the telephone by calling at 800-800-3620 and get all particulars about your order as well as cake. http://www.vizagfood.com

Send Quality Cakes to Vizag


vizagfood.22In every food item, its quality matters a lot. If the quality of food is good then it will be healthy and hygienic to eat that food. Now it is very difficult to find the best quality of food. Vizagfood is very popular for delivering quality cakes to Vizag. We always try to give smile on our customer’s face by delivering them a very good quality of cakes. We make all of our cakes with fresh ingredients either that cake is with egg or without egg. We have many flavoured cakes on our website and we always put fresh flavours and ingredients into it. Our cakes are fresh and spongy because of its lightweight and sponginess our cakes are more popular.

vizagfood23We have pineapple cakes, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, butterscotch cakes and many other cakes. Pineapples that we use are fresh and juicy because of this our pineapple cakes are tastier and loved by many customers. The fruit cake on our site is all made of freshly plucked fruits from our garden. Our Chocolate cake is also loved by many people as the chocolate that we use in our dark forest cakes and in simple chocolate cream cakes are made of fresh chocolate freshly made by our bakers. They make it with fresh cocoa. If you are a chocolate lover or your loved one is chocoholic then waste your time in searching for the cake here and there just browse on our website and you will get the best quality of chocolate cake for your loved one.

vizagfood24Now vanilla and Butterscotch cakes are made of fresh vanilla beans and sugar. We make all these cakes with fresh cream and we also have ice-cream cake in our store that ice-cream which we use in our cakes are made of fresh milk. Our cakes are healthy and hygienic. We always believe in giving quality food to our customers. To order any cake for birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation anniversary or for any occasion browse our website www.vizagfood.com .The user can also place their order by calling us at +91-800-800-3620 . The user can send their views and suggestion or if they have any kind of query related to our service on support@vizagfood.com . Now you can also pay online from your visa, master, maestro cards debit/credit cards, Cash on Delivery (COD) option is also available and you can get free home delivery to Vizag. Order Now to our quality cakes to Vizag and make your and you loved one’s day special.