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Send Exclusive Gift (Laughing Buddha) by Vizagfood

In Buddhism, the celestial Buddha named is best known as the cheerful Laughing Buddha. In China, he is known as the Loving or Friendly One. He is based on an unconventional Chinese Ch’an monk who lived over 1,000 years ago and has become a vital part of Buddhist and Shinto civilization.

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The Laughing Buddha is respected all over the globe. He is found in homes, restaurants, places of trade and so on. The Laughing Buddha is the Buddha of great quantity and pleasure. He is also known as the “Buddha of Wealth”. It is believed he will bring wealth as well as prosperity to a home or trade.  It is very simple to distinguish the Laughing Buddha. He is shown wearing a robe as well as prayer beads often hang approximately his neck. He is bald and has a big fat belly. He is always joyful;   thereby the known as the “Laughing Buddha”. The Laughing Buddha is one of the most well-liked signs used by Feng Shui Consultants for enhancing the Good Luck and Wealth.


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