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A greater variety of sweets during Navratri

Hindus around the globe are praising the Navratri with much energy and intensity. As sweets play a vital role in the celebration. Aficionados are performing poojas and customs to look for gifts from Goddess Durga and her nine perfect structures, the delicious sweets make your festival fabulous.

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Numerous fans additionally watch the ceremonial diets to show their commitment to Goddess Durga. If you are watching these diets, you may have just tuned yourself to the uncommon Navratri diet. Watching the diets can get a smidgen tedious when you’re eating very similar things consistently, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t play around with the restricted fixings that you have before you. We are providing you a great variety of sweets that makes your Navratri festival more delightful.

Navaratri is set apart by a multi-day long secretive quick, which remembers a lot of limitations for food. Be that as it may, this year Navratri is extraordinary, it is overwhelmed with an overall pandemic panic of (Covid-19), yet this doesn’t prevent an aficionado from celebrating and revering the all-powerful.

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We are providing the best services for the celebration of the Navratri festival using all the precautions. Despite this the delicious sweets that not only delight your mind but also provide the sugar-free sweets.
nowadays, people have an inborn desire for sweets due to festival season, to understand your desire. We introduce a new concept of sugar-free sweets.

Send Sweets to Vizag

All Indian festival and occasion are incomplete without sweets. Either it is your child’s birthday or any wedding; sweets are always required on these occasions. Exchanging sweets are the symbol of gratitude and love towards those who are close to you. Whether it is Diwali, Holi or the festival of a bond between brother and sister sweets are necessary. People used to gift sweets whenever they went to the any of their relatives’ home. In Indian families, sweets also need after your meal is finished and no meal is considered complete without any sweet dish. Vizagfood.com.


These sweets are made of milk, desi ghee, and cottage cheese. Send sweets to Vizag at Vizagfood. As Lohri is coming and sweets are required on this day.  Vizagfood has a large variety of sweets made of desi ghee, milk, dry fruits, and low calories sweets for those who really care about their health and south Indian sweets. Bengali sweets are most modern on our website Vizagfood.com.


Other than sweets you can also order and send food to Vizag. There are lot more options of food for those who are vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Various snacks, shakes, ice-creams are available to complete your meal. Order fresh sweets like the cham cham, Bombay halwa, choco swiss roles, gulab jamun, Kaju burfi and many other delicious sweets and send it to your relatives, family, and friends.


Vizagfood gives 24X7 free home deliveries in Visakhapatnam. You can also place your order by calling at +91 800 800 3620 or you can also give us your feedback at support@vizagfood.com.

Enjoy “Friendship Day” with Fresh Eatable from Vizagfood

Value the importance of friendship in your life. Celebrate this Nobel feeling with fresh eatable from Vizagfood. Give us a call and order online cakes, sweets to Vizag.

FRIENDSHIP DAYAlmost all the people around the world celebrate their holy festivals every year. But very few people are present, who celebrate the friendship day. Human beings are social creatures and have always valued the importance of friends in their life. To celebrate this Nobel feeling, it was deemed fit to have a day dedicated friends and friendship. Friendship day falls on the first Sunday of the August month according to the US to honors the friendship of all the loving friends. It must be celebrated in India also. Celebrating “Friendship Day” in a traditional manner, people meet their friends on this day and exchange flowers or cards to honor their friends. www.Vizagfood.com

download (9)It is the official time to wish all the friends and to express that “I Care” Be the first wisher to your most loving friend and greet him/her with an amazing cake, flowers or sweets etc. Wishing your friend is the best celebration among both sides. You will also get happy and your friend will undoubtedly feel out the world. Friendship Day is coming soon, so start thinking to surprise your friend with some amazing gifts. Initiate your first step by log into our site Vizagfood.com and get all the eatable stuff over there. You can also find the flowers and cards to greet your friend more especially. Visit our site and order special cakes to Vizag online.

download (6)Let me inform you about some of the eatables and blooms at our sites:-

Cakes:- Cake is a form of sweet desert modified from the bread. The cake is well-known for the birthday parties, but change the mood now and celebrate the friendship day with cake this time. Get online cake from Vizag and if your friend is far away from you then we have the delivery options for you as well. Some of the cakes we offer are Chocolate cakes, Photo Fix cakes, Ice-cream cakes and much more. Place an order and get delicious cakes in Vizag.

Chocolate Truffle-420x420 (1)Flowers:- Deliver the beautiful roses to your sweethearts’ and express your feeling in most loving way possible. The flower can speak the language of heart beautifully. So, on upcoming Friendship day, there could not be a better way of expressing your love other than with these warms. Order online flowers to Vizag.

imagesSweets:- Sweets are the special ingredient people like to share on their special festivals. Also, friendship day is not less than any festival for the friends. Send fresh eatable sweets to your most loving friends staying far away from you. Visit our site and choose some of the sweets like Badusha, Bala Ji Laddu, Bombay Halwa, Cham Cham etc. Make your call and order online sweets to Vizag/Vishakhapatnam.  www.Vizagfood.com

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Get Sweets on Sweet Eid This Year

Sweet Memories are woven from the good times. So get sweets on this Eid and create your sweet memories. Just log in your site Vizagfood.com and deliver best online sweets in Vizag.

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Eid or Eid-ul-Fitr is the best celebration of the Muslims. The Muslims, everywhere throughout the world, praise it with extraordinary grandeur and show, enthusiasm and energy. This celebration denotes the finish of Ramadan. Ramadan is a sacred month of fasting. The Muslims watch fasts for an entire month subsequent to locating the moon of ‘Ramzan’. At the point when the time of ‘Ramzan’, is over and the moon of Eid is located, they end their Roja (fasts). Thusly, the Muslims break their month-long quick. The following day, the celebration of Eid is praised.

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Consistently it falls off on the principal day of the time of Shawwal. It is a day of exhilaration, celebration, and devouring. In India, all groups join the Muslims in observing Eid. Desserts are shared and welcome traded by all. The Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians welcome their Muslim siblings on this day. The festival of Eid advances national joining and the sentiment fellowship. Delights are multiplied when they are shared.

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Eid brings a message of fellowship for all of us. It is a celebration of affection and goodwill. It gives us a message to love all and detest none. It shows us to hold onto all men as siblings. Isolated mates would like to meet on this day. It urges us to say farewell to disdain, envy, and animosity and get a period of adoration, sensitivity, and fellowship.

Share the best quality of sweets amongst your relatives and loving ones, for this you must visit our place or login our site Vizagfood.com and send sweets in Vizag Vishakhapatnam.

Check out some of the fresh sweets at our site

Sweets- Festivity without desserts is halfway. In our India, there are bunches of festivals celebrated by the general population of India consistently. Eid is the festival of sharing happiness, so they share sweets to explore their love and devotion amongst them. This year deliver some special and different kind of sweets to your relatives or dear ones. We at Vizagfood.com offer fresh and delicious sweets. So visit our site and get quality sweet online in Vizag.

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Ghee Sweets- Each nibble of sweet made up of Ghee fair melts in your mouth abandoning the sweet and smoky persistent flavor of Besan cooked in Ghee. Sweets made up of ghee has no health effects and even more tasty than others. We at Vizagfood.com are presenting some of the sweets made up of ghee. Some of them are Balaji Laddu, and much more. I am sure your mouth is watering, then what are you waiting for, just order Ghee sweets online in Vizag.

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Milk Sweets- Not simply is milk a total feast in itself; it is additionally such an adaptable fixing which is an integral part of a large portion of the Indian sweets and even some delectable curries. Milk has a number of health benefits. So you must have a healthy evening along with delicious taste. Just order online sweets to Vizag and explore smiles.

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Dry Fruit Sweets- Lots of people in the world can’t eat sweets contain high sugar contents due to health issues. Don’t worry about them you can deliver dry fruit sweets to them. Dry fruits have too much health benefits as well. So get ready to send sweets to your dear ones. Visit our site and send Sugar-Free Sweets in Vizag.

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Low-Calorie Sweets- Go ahead, indulge yourself with our best low-calorie desserts. The Huge amount of people are worried due to the calorie rate in their body, they often resist eating sweets. But this     Eid, they don’t need to stay back. They can enjoy all the way they can because Vizagfood brings some Low-calorie sweets for them. Get Low Calories Sweets in Vizag and deliver to your loving ones.

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We also offer best quality and fresh Bread and Milk Shakes you can check by login our site Vizagfood.com


Online Ghee Sweets | Milk Sweets | Dry Fruits Sweets | Low Calorie Sweets | Bengali sweets | Fresh Fruits | Dry Fruits in Vizag Visakhapatnam

Sweets have been the traditional favorites of the Indian taste. Sweets are supposed to be the heavenly dishware. Sweets symbolize adore, liking, pleasure, warmth. Send delicious and yummy sweets from Vizagfood to your beloved ones at Vizag and multiply the joy of an occasion. At Vizagfood there are lots of varieties of Sweets like- GHEE SWEETS, MILK SWEETS, DRY FRUITS SWEETS, LOW CALORIE SWEETS and BENGALI SWEETS etc.

GHEE SWEETS- Many people like ghee sweets a lot. Vizagfood provide ghee sweets for ghee sweet lovers. In this category there are lots of varieties like- Balaji laddu, Bobbatlu, Ghee Soan Papdi, Jangiri, Kaju Kalakand, Milk Mysore Pak, Motichoor Laddu, Nuvvula Ariselu, Pootharekulu, Sunnundalu and Thokkudu Laddu etc. Send Ghee Sweets for your loved ones from Vizagfood and make them happy.

MILK SWEETS- For milk sweet lovers Vizagfood provide sweets that are made by milk. In this category there are many varieties like- KAJU APPLE, KAJU BARFI, KAJU KALAKAND, MALAI LADDU, MALAI PURI and MILK MYSORE PAK etc. Send Milk Sweets to your dear ones from Vizagfood and feel him special.

DRY FRUITS SWEETS- Many people like dry fruits so Vizagfood provide the facility of sweets that are made by dry fruits. In this category there are many varieties like- CASHEW PAKAM, DRY FRUIT BULLET and KASHMIRI ROLL etc. Send Dry Fruits Sweets to your beloved ones from Vizagfood and make wonderful day.

LOW CALORIE SWEETS- Many people like low calorie sweet so Vizagfood provide lo
w calorie sweets. Varieties of this category are CHOCO PIE, CHOCO
SWISS ROLL, DRY FRUIT BULLET and KAJU APPLE etc. Send Low Calorie Sweets to your
favorite ones from Vizagfood and make superb day.

BENGALI SWEETS- Bengali people like Bengali sweets a lot. At Vizagfood, Bengali sweets are also available. Varieties of Bengali sweets are BOMBAY HALWA, CHAMCHAM and GRAPE HALWA etc. Send Bengali Sweets to your dearly loved ones from Vizagfood and make amazing day.

Fruits are the key to any healthy person. Send Basket of Fresh fruits to your loved ones on any occasion from Vizagfood. At Vizagfood there are two types of category of fruits- FRESH FRUITS and DRY FRUITS.

FRESH FRUITS- Vizagfood provides fresh and clean fruits for the customers. Packing of fruits is also very good. In this category there are lots of varieties like- BASKET OF ANAR, BASKET OF APPLES, BASKET OF RED PEAR, BASKET OF SHANDON PEAR, BASKET OF THAI GUAVA and BASKET OF MANGOES etc.

DRY FRUITS- Dry fruit is a fruit from which the majority of the original water content has been removed either naturally, through sun drying, through the use of specialized dryers. Dry fruits are prized because of its sweet taste, nutritive value and long shelf life. Dry fruits are some of the healthiest alternatives to refined sugar and they are an excellent way to satisfy a sweet craving. Though the dry fruits are really expensive and are regarded as delicacies but the health benefits that they posses makes them worth their price. Send excellent quality dry fruits to your dear ones which can melt your dearest ones from Vizagfood and have a wonderful day. In this category there are many varieties of dry fruits like- PREMIUM DRY FRUITS 250 GRAMS, PREMIUM DRY FRUITS 500 GRAMS and PREMIUM DRY FRUITS 1000 GRAMS etc.