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Send Quality Cakes to Vizag


vizagfood.22In every food item, its quality matters a lot. If the quality of food is good then it will be healthy and hygienic to eat that food. Now it is very difficult to find the best quality of food. Vizagfood is very popular for delivering quality cakes to Vizag. We always try to give smile on our customer’s face by delivering them a very good quality of cakes. We make all of our cakes with fresh ingredients either that cake is with egg or without egg. We have many flavoured cakes on our website and we always put fresh flavours and ingredients into it. Our cakes are fresh and spongy because of its lightweight and sponginess our cakes are more popular.

vizagfood23We have pineapple cakes, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, butterscotch cakes and many other cakes. Pineapples that we use are fresh and juicy because of this our pineapple cakes are tastier and loved by many customers. The fruit cake on our site is all made of freshly plucked fruits from our garden. Our Chocolate cake is also loved by many people as the chocolate that we use in our dark forest cakes and in simple chocolate cream cakes are made of fresh chocolate freshly made by our bakers. They make it with fresh cocoa. If you are a chocolate lover or your loved one is chocoholic then waste your time in searching for the cake here and there just browse on our website and you will get the best quality of chocolate cake for your loved one.

vizagfood24Now vanilla and Butterscotch cakes are made of fresh vanilla beans and sugar. We make all these cakes with fresh cream and we also have ice-cream cake in our store that ice-cream which we use in our cakes are made of fresh milk. Our cakes are healthy and hygienic. We always believe in giving quality food to our customers. To order any cake for birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation anniversary or for any occasion browse our website www.vizagfood.com .The user can also place their order by calling us at +91-800-800-3620 . The user can send their views and suggestion or if they have any kind of query related to our service on support@vizagfood.com . Now you can also pay online from your visa, master, maestro cards debit/credit cards, Cash on Delivery (COD) option is also available and you can get free home delivery to Vizag. Order Now to our quality cakes to Vizag and make your and you loved one’s day special.

Hug Day (Valentine’s Week) | Giving Hugs to Your Loved Ones – Vizag Food

Every year people celebrate hug day on 12th Feb. Hug is a special thing which is suggested by different physicians for good health.

images (2)After researched over a number of issues regarding hugs, physicians suggest hugs to treat several diseases such as depression, mental issues and many other diseases.

We can give hugs to our near and dear ones on the auspicious occasions of hug day proceeding to the Valentine’s Day.

A hug can cover up all the difference between relationships. It doesn’t depend what kind of relation is it. Hug is a sign of care, love and affection for our loved ones. A hug cannot be explained in words. It is a feeling which brings a feeling of togetherness and love with our closest ones.images (1)

We can present gifts on the special days. Hug means a lot in a relationship. Whenever somebody feels lonely, one can make them happy with a simple hug. Like mother hug a child to care him, protect him and making him calm in her arms. A hug can offer a care, love and affection for our loved ones.doll

People celebrate hug day to bring a strong support in a relationship. Hugs can offer security, love and affection that care which a person wants. We can present surprise gifts such as chocolates, flowers, teddies, heart shaped gifts, etc. to our near and dear ones.

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Celebrating Teddy Day – Online Valentine’s Day Gifts | Vizag Food

Every day before the Valentine’s Day impacts a lot. Teddy Day is celebrated before the Valentine’s Day. It is also a special way to celebrate your love. People who were in love originated these some special days before the Valentine’s Day and making the whole week to cherish and enjoy your love as a whole.doll

In earlier times, nobody bother about the love, but with the busy schedules of work and life, people don’t have so much time to spend some special moments with their loved ones. Now, some festivals or special days can bring us closer to our relatives and friends. Teddy Day is one of them. Some people believe their loved one as their teddy and do some special things for them on this day.  Some people present Teddy Bear on this day to make this more memorable and lovable to their loved one. Some people love their teddy’s so much as they are fond of Teddies, so people celebrate this day with their teddies and do some special and creative things for it.images

On this day, people meet with their loved ones, presenting them love showing gifts such as teddy’s and creating fun making this day memorable one. Teddy brings a great smile over the faces of the people and somebody who feels themselves alone can enjoy and talk with their teddy. Teddy can be a great friend of most people. Whenever somebody feels sad, or happy they can talk or hug their teddy to make themselves happy.

imagesTeddy Day is mostly celebrated on 10th Feb every Year. We must enjoy this day and celebrate it by creating great fun. I must say, everyone should leave the tensions of their complicated lives, rather understanding them, we must enjoy them with full cherishes and joy.

There are different types of Teddy available in the market. It is not just a gift or toy but it is a friend of many people making them laugh and bringing a friend for lonely persons. We can order online for different teddies on coming Teddy day proceeding by the Valentine’s Day.

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