The Secrets Behind Roses: -

A flower indicates Majesty, Status and Power, Beauty, Grace and Cultural refinement. Any flower is uncompleted without beauty, color and fragrance. Flowers are most wanted specimen of Garden which is a symbol of Love and emotions. The value of flowers is also found out in most popular literatures like Romeo and Juliet story of Shakespeare. Roses have wonderful fragrances and various varieties of colors.

Flower Carnations: The meaning of carnations is used for fascination, distinction, and love. Like each color of roses has its own meaning and messages which can be expressed by the roses different color varieties. Carnation of Light Red Color is used to convey admiration, whereas dark red carnation conveys deep sentiments of love and affection.

Flower Gerberas: Gerberas are ornamental plant which belongs from sunflower, Daisies and Asters family. The meaning of Gerberas indicates messages of innocence and purity, cheerfulness. Gerberas are available in different color with classic symbols.

Flower Grand Arrangements: Arrangement of Roses play main role in parties and weddings plan. Various designs of flowers can arrange in that way which can attract people and make party of more effective. Flowers are generally widely used in interior decorations. There are various forms of flowers of like Circular shape, Triangular shape, Crescent shape, Fan shape, Ikebana and other.

Roses: - Roses are also known as Queen of Flower or king of Flowers. Roses are a type of flowering shrub which name comes from the Lain word Rosa. Rose Flower grows in many different colors like red, pink, orange, yellow and sometime white of purple color rose. There are more than 100 specs available in rose. Rose shows symbol of Love, Sympathy and Sorrow. Rose decorates in different shape like heart shape roses, circular shape roses and other shapes. Total five classes of roses which are Gallica, Damask, Alba, Centifolia  and Mosses.

Message & Symbolism behind each color of Rose: -

  1. Red: love
  2. Light Pink: admiration, sympathy
  3. Pink: grace, lesser feelings of love
  4. Dark Pink: gratitude
  5. Orange: passion
  6. Yellow: dying love or platonic love. (In German-speaking countries, however, they can mean jealousy and infidelity.)
  7. Yellow with Red Tips: friendship, falling in love
  8. Green: calm
  9. Blue: mystery
  10. Purple: protection (paternal/maternal love)
  11. Burgundy: beauty
  12. Black: slavish devotion (as a true black rose is impossible to produce)
  13. White: innocence, purity, secrecy, friendship, reverence and humility.

There are various uses of rose in decoration, in making rose basket, to gift someone.